Get Your Customers Up and Running Quickly and Efficiently With Their New Splicecom System

The installation of a state-of-the-art telephony system like Splicecom is an exciting time for any organisation. But it brings with it its share of challenges in the shape of training and support for the end users and getting everyone comfortable with the new system. Left to their own devices, users can become frustrated and calls to the Support team will increase. Productivity goes down, and customer complaints go up as pressure levels rise.

Accredited online or on-site classroom, group or one-to-one training for new Splicecom users

Susan Barrett of First Call is an accredited Splicecom trainer.

Take the heat out of any new Splicecom installation by giving us a call. You can maximise the chances of a smooth and successful transition to the new system by making sure Susan is on-site both in the days leading up to the changeover and afterwards.

Susan can make sure that all end users are completely comfortable with the new system before it goes live. Your customers can look forward to their launch date knowing that they will be able to do such basic things as answering and transferring calls, working with the Vision call logs and Reports and understanding the call data.

System Administration via the Admin Portal

Susan’s training also covers system administration, including adding new Users, creating Departments, creating DDI Plan entries, maintaining the Contacts database and so on.


If your customer’s Splicecom system incorporates Vision and/or Conference Manager, the above System Administration training can also cover the administration of these additional applications, including Vision Call Centre.

Our Splicecom training can be provided on a one-to-one basis, in small groups or in a classroom environment.

How to book your Splicecom course

You can arrange your Splicecom training via your Splicecom reseller or, if you are a reseller, you can contact us to discuss an appropriate training package for your customer.

“We have always found Susan to be extremely professional, with a good in-depth knowledge of our products. We have constantly received positive feedback from her courses and as such I am happy to recommend Susan to anyone wanting to deliver training on any aspect of the SpliceCom portfolio.”

Robin Hayman

Director of Marketing & Product Management, SpliceCom Ltd