Do you think there must be a quicker and easier way to use a Microsoft feature? Our knowledge hub provides short videos to help you use your Microsoft software proficiently.

Microsoft Excel: Entering Dates

Learn how to enter a date so that you can use the entry in formulae, with the AutoFilter, in a PivotTable and so on.

Microsoft Word: Setting the Proofing Language

Learn how to set the language used by the spelling and grammar check.

Microsoft Windows 10: Working with Multiple Windows

Learn how to manage multiple windows open on your PC.

Microsoft Office: Creating a PDF

Learn how to create a PDF of your Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation and Word document.

Microsoft Excel: Delete All Comments

Learn how to delete all comments and notes from our Excel spreadsheet.

Microsoft Outlook: Save e-mails as files

Learn how to save your emails as files so that you can keep the content but not use up storage in your Inbox.