Picture locked to paragraph in Word

Newsletter April 2021

This month’s newsletter looks at a couple of features in Word. How to lock a picture to a paragraph and how to use hex codes when formatting with colour.

PowerPoint Slide Master view

Newsletter March 2021

Find out the benefits of using PowerPoint’s Slide Master feature in this month’s newsletter.

Microsoft Outlook Create Group form

Newsletter February 2021

This month’s newsletter explains how to convert negative numbers to positive numbers in Excel and looks at the new Groups feature in Outlook.

Do you think of your audience when using a slide show in a presentation?

How you can ensure your audience benefits from your presentation.

What is your disaster recover plan if your IT has a meltdown?

Here are a few thoughts and actions you could take that would enable you to get working again as quickly as possible.

Word or Excel or PowerPoint?

The first step to using an application is understanding what that application has been designed to do, here are some ideas on how best to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint.