Welcome to my April newsletter. Having concentrated on Excel and PowerPoint a lot in my recent newsletters I thought it was time to look at a couple of features in Word.

The Tip of the Month is a feature I use on pretty much a daily basis, when creating user manuals and handouts in Word and so on. I hope you find this useful too. The feature covered in the What’s New in Microsoft 365 section is available in Word and all the Microsoft applications and ensures the colours you use match your company’s colour scheme.

Tip of the Month

Using Lock Anchor in Word

When you insert a picture into a Word document and set the Wrap Text to Square or Tight and so on you can lock the picture to the relevant paragraph of text, so you can be sure that when you edit your document the picture stays with this paragraph. This is done as follows. 

  1. Select the picture and you will see an anchor symbol appear in the left hand margin.
  1. If the anchor is not displayed next to the correct paragraph, drag the anchor to the paragraph required.
  1. When the picture is selected, you will also see that a Layout Options button is displayed on the right hand side of the graphic. Select this button and choose Show More at the bottom of the list displayed.
  1. Within the Layout dialogue box and Position tab that is displayed, select the Lock Anchor tick box and select OK. You will now see that the anchor is displayed with a padlock image. You will no longer be able to move the anchor and when you edit your document the picture will move with the paragraph.

It is also worth bearing in mind that you can use this feature in an Outlook email message.

Latest News

Best Business Women Awards

I was very proud to be able to announce the winner of the Best Business Woman in Financial Services category of the Best Business Women Awards online finals ceremony in March.

Congratulations to Amanda Redman of Amanda Redman Financial Planning – https://www.amandaredmanfp.co.uk/  A well-deserved win.

Thank you Debbie Gilbert and bestbusinesswomenawards.com, it has been an amazing experience being a part of these awards, being a sponsor and judge, learning about so many amazing businesses that started on the kitchen table and are now thriving, highly profitable businesses.

Making Excel interesting

I provided an Excel for Business Owners course for the St Albans Enterprise Agency in March, aiming at demystifying Excel for business owners who want to run their accounts, stock management, CRM and so on in Excel.  I was chuffed with this feedback I received:

“Thank you so much Susan, it was very interesting, I learnt a lot and the way you explained everything was so easy to follow.”

J Moore, Office Manager, Bauxite Architectural Glazing

On-site training

At the end of March, I received two enquiries for on-site training which was so exciting. This is such a positive sign for the economy and for business confidence. Things are looking up. The ability to provide a mixture of on-site and on-line training again is such a boost for my company. If you would like to find out more about the different training methods that would help you or your staff please do let me know.

What’s new in Microsoft 365

Using Hex codes in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and so on

You can now use Hex codes in all the Microsoft Office products. So, when you receive these codes with your company’s branding guidelines you can be sure that the colours used in a PowerPoint presentation or Word document, for example, match your company’s corporate colour scheme.

When you format text, graphics and so on with a colour, choose the More Colours option and the Colours dialogue box will open. Select the Custom tab and you can enter the Hex code at the bottom.

Have a good month. In Hertfordshire we are getting a mixture of lovely sunshine one minute and snow the next. It is crazy April weather. Not long now and we will be able to sit indoors with some family and friends.

All the best,