Welcome to the first newsletter from First Call. If you haven’t received my email notification, I am pleased to announce that Rabbit Training has become First Call. More of this later. Let’s get on with a really useful feature of Excel.

Tip of the Month

Removing duplicates in excel

When you are amalgamating records from different databases there could be instances where duplicate entries are contained within your spreadsheet. You can use the Remove Duplicates feature to delete the repeated records.

  1. Select your data.
  2. From the Data tab, within the Data Tools group, select the Remove Duplicates icons.
Excel Remove Duplicates icon
  1. Within the Remove Duplicates form, ensure the column(s) to be searched is selected and untick the columns not to be searched. So, for example, if you had staff with the same surname you would need to search for duplicates within the first name column and last name column otherwise records with the same surname would be deleted.
Excel Remove Duplicates dialogue box
  1. Select OK
  2. You will be informed how many records have been deleted.
Excel Remove Duplicates result
  1. Select OK.
    Don’t forget you can use Undo if you’ve deleted the wrong records.

Latest News

Rabbit training becomes first call

So, my big news is that Rabbit Training is now First Call. Your first call for Microsoft and IT support and training.  I noticed the increase in general IT support required by new business owners, many who have set up businesses in response to redundancy as a result of COVID. I, therefore, needed a name that reflected our ability to provide stress-free IT help to these new business owners. This support will also include training on the latest Microsoft software which I will still be offering to larger companies who wish to ensure their staff use their Microsoft software proficiently.

My contact details are now:

E: susan@itfirstcall.co.uk

W: itfirstcall.co.uk

T: 01923 750200

If you fancy a natter sometime over a cuppa (could be soon!) to chat about how I could help you or your contacts please get in touch.

Course of the month

Managing your database

As well as the Remove Duplicates feature, Excel has lots of facilities that help you tidy up and work with long lists of data. For example, you might be putting together a list of contacts and their email addresses for a mail merge.  This month’s course suggestion would be spending an hour demonstrating examples of how the following features would help you manage your database.

  • Flash Fill – separating data into multiple columns, such as separating first names and last names when they are together in one column.
  • Conditional Formatting – highlighting that you have entered a duplicate record.
  • Data Validation – specifying the type of data that must be entered in a cell, very useful to ensure a date is entered correctly.
  • Filtering data – finding empty cells; listing a subset of data such as all contacts from a particular company.
  • Sorting data – sorting your records by multiple columns, such as by surname and then by company.
  • Remove Duplicates – removing duplicate records in a spreadsheet.
  • Find and Replace – finding misspelt words and replacing them with the correct version.

All of these give examples of how these features could be used but the course will show you lots more.

1 hour via Teams or Zoom. £60 per hour + VAT for a 1:1 course.

Contact me on 01923 750200 or susan@itfirstcall.co.uk for more details.

Thank you to everyone who has come back with such positive feedback on my new brand and, of course, to everyone who was involved in the whole process and gave me support along the way.

Have a good month.
All the best