I had a great session with the delegates on the PowerPoint course I provided for the St Albans Enterprise Agency last month and several commented that the most useful part was the importance of Slide Masters. So, I thought this had to be my tip and course of the month for this newsletter.

Tip of the month

Using the Slide Master feature

One of the most crucial parts of putting together a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint or any presentation software is ensuring the design is consistent and tidy and does not distract your audience. To ensure the design is consistent the Slide Master feature in PowerPoint enables you to determine the layout for each type of slide, such as the layout for each slide displaying bullet points or the layout for each slide displaying a picture and text, and so on. You can also determine the key features that have to appear on every slide, such as your company logo. The Slide Master enables you to set the size and position of the logo so that it appears the same on every slide. The following is how you do this. If you are interested in finding out how to manage the different layouts have a look at this month’s course below.

1. From the View tab select the Slide Master button.

The Slide Master view will open and the Slide Master tab will be available on the ribbon.

2. Within the Slide Master at the very top of the Slide Master pane, insert your logo and place this where you want it to be displayed. Note that it now appears in that position on every layout shown below.

3. Select the Close Master View icon to return to your presentation.

Every new slide that you create will now display the logo and you can be confident that the logo is the same size and in the same position on every slide.

St Albans Enterprise Agency

I will be providing another Excel for Business Owners course for the St Albans Enterprise Agency on 23 March. If you fancy learning some useful tips to help you run your finances via Microsoft Excel, further details are available via the button below.

Course of the Month

Microsoft PowerPoint – Working with the Slide Master

The purpose of this course is to learn how to use the Slide Master feature to ensure the slides in your presentation have a consistent look and therefore are tidy and do not distract your audience. In turn the Slide Master will save you a huge amount of time, if you decide to change the design of your presentation, in that you only need to change it in one place and not in each individual slide. This is achieved by covering the following topics:

  • Specifying the colour palette for your presentation.
  • Determining the font for your presentation.
  • Setting the design for every slide – inserting a logo, background colour or graphic.
  • Maintaining the slide layouts – specifying the design for each slide layout.
  • Creating your own slide layout.
  • Reset a slide to match the Slide Master.
  • Copying a Slide Master from one presentation to another.

1 hour – via Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Contact me on 01923 750200 or enquiries@itfirstcall.co.uk for more details.

Have a good month – Spring is on its way; the kids are going back to school and we will all be getting our jabs soon – things are looking up.

All the best