It’s that time of the month for some great Microsoft software tips, I hope you find them useful. This month I start with a feature of Excel that is well worth having up your sleeve for when you need it. The What’s New section looks at the Groups feature in Outlook which is another excellent way to communicate with a team or group of friends. As always please feel free to contact me for any help and training on using your Microsoft 365 software.

Tip of the month

Excel – convert positive numbers to negative numbers

This is a feature of Excel I use a lot when I download CSV files from the bank but there are lots of other scenarios when you might want to change positive numbers to negative numbers quickly. This can be done via the Copy and Paste feature.

  1. Enter -1 into an empty cell.
  2. Copy the cell containing this entry.
  3. Select the cells containing the numbers to be turned in to negative numbers.
  4. Select the down arrow under the Paste icon.
  5. Select Paste Special.
  6. Select Multiply and OK.

Hope this quick tip turns out to be useful one day.

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What’s new in Microsoft 365?

Outlook – Group vs Contact Group

If you belong to an organisation or have a business subscription, within Outlook Contacts on the Home tab, you may have noticed that there are two icons to create a new Group and a New Contact Group. If you don’t, you will just see New Contact Group. So, what’s the difference?

If you have been looking for the old Distribution Lists these are now called Contact Groups. These work the same as the old Distribution Lists.

However, you can now create a Group too. This allows you to create a group email address such as in the screenshot below where I am setting up the group email address I can then add contacts to become a part of this group. They will be sent a message informing them that they have been added to the Group. Whenever I, or anyone in the Group, send a message to this address everyone within the group receives the email. This is very useful for projects and team communications, particularly for setting up meetings.

If you have an account you can do something very similar to create a group of friends or family. Use the New Group option as shown in this screenshot.

Above I have created a group of friends where the email address is

If you would like more information on using either Contact Groups or email Groups feel free to ask.

Have a good month and, as I always forget until the last minute, it’s pancake day on 16 February 😊. I will, of course, say the same thing I say every year – why do I only cook pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? I love them.

All the best